represents a new breed of Ukrainian businesses that operate with high ethical and moral principles in doing business from the very start.

performs herb procurement, quality control, storage and sales.

was set up in 2013. Our office is located in Ivano-Frankivsk, 600 km from the capital of Ukraine. We have a  storage capacity near Ivano-Frankivsk, Western Ukraine .

partners with customers all over the world, supplying customers in Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, China, Spain, Belarus, Belgium and Lithuania in the food, pharmaceutical, feed, cosmetic industry. Links can be provided upon additional request.

supplies herbal teas under its Trademark “HerbTea”.

The owner of PHYTOPHARM-TRADE LLC, Mr Salivon Sergey
The owner of PHYTOPHARM-TRADE LLC, Mr Salivon Sergey

 “I entered into this business from adjacent pharma sector where I worked for 4 years at top management positions with a leading Ukrainian phyto-pharmaceutical company belonging to European investors (experts in teas, extracts and botanicals). I wanted to support my family enterprise and transform it from purely agricultural into a niche medicinal herbs company. Having become Phytopharm-trade owner I position the company not only as a reliable supplier for our partners, but also as one providing pleasurable and hassle-free experience from working with a conscientious Ukrainian company that strives for excellence in all it does”.